The Photographers

Gelfand-Piper Photography: Julie Gelfand & Steve Piper

A Leopard and a Kangaroo Fell in Love.

Julie from Long Island and Steve from Pittsburg, KS met in St. Louis, and with the help of the Beatles, a Luna Pro light meter, and the laws of attraction, love was inevitable. Steve had a Nikon F without a light meter. Julie had the light meter. They moved in together and shared a darkroom. Steve lost the Luna Pro. They bought a new one.

A year later, they got hitched on a hot July day in Pittsburg with 28 friends and family in the backyard of Steve’s childhood home. Afterwards, everyone walked two blocks to Picco Dairy for the best chocolate malts in the world.

They traded the midwest for Rochester, NY, and enrolled in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Master of Fine Arts Photo program. The two year stint at RIT became 40+ years of family, community, music, and a growing number of cameras. They bought a house, grew two daughters, six dogs, lots of friends, and perhaps a million photos were made.

When it was time to feed the family, they made the obvious choice. Gelfand-Piper Photography was created in 1985. Since their personal photography leaned toward documentary/photojournalistic themes, their professional life has, too.

Why Gelfand-Piper Photography?

  • Julie and Steve have been photographing together since 1985.
  • They bring creditability to your project, with subjects engaging in honest ways, unlike stock photography.
  • They involve the viewer with emotional content, humor and natural settings.
  • They photograph as a team, each carrying cameras, and contributing their different perspectives.
  • Among their greatest assets is their ability to see and respond to what’s there, to suggest, but not control.
  • They interact with and engage their subjects in a way that brings out their individuality.
  • Their photographic expertise and skill enables them to work in a variety of non-studio environments.
  • Julie’s proficient post production skills will provide you with excellent corrected files, ready for your project.