The Photographers


Why work with us?

  • We engage with our subjects.
  • We observe. We find wonder in the ordinary, and less ordinary.
  • We collaborate. We work with you and for you, and consistently provide the very best photographs on time and on budget.

Gelfand-Piper Photography = Julie Gelfand and Steve Piper

  • A freelance photo team since 1985.
  • We bring the art of observation and a photojournalistic vision to a broad range of clients, including corporate, small business, health care, schools, and arts organizations.
  • Our photos can be seen in marketing and advertising pieces, annual reports, internal publications, books, and news media.

Julie Gelfand plus Steve Piper: How it Began

1976: Julie, from New York, and Steve, from Kansas, meet in St. Louis. Steve has a Nikon with no meter. Julie has a Luna Pro. Steve has a guitar and sings to Julie. Julie sings along. Steve borrows Julie’s light meter. Julie buys a Nikon. A year later they have a backyard wedding in Pittsburg, Kansas.

1978: They move to Rochester, NY for grad school at RIT. Steve is enrolled from ’78-’80, and Julie from ’79-’81.  Julie’s hangs a thesis show about pregnancy and birth. Two weeks later, daughter Emily is born.

In November 1981, they have MFA’s, and they have Emily. They don’t leave.

Two daughters, five dogs, lots more cameras and guitars. The daughters grow. The dogs eat lots of shoes, books and underwear. Steve still plays guitar, Julie sings along, and perhaps a million photos are taken.


Julie: Rochester Institute of Technology, MFA in Photography; Bard College, BA in Art.

Steve: Rochester Institute of Technology, MFA in Photography; Pittsburg State University, BA in English.


Steve: Rochester Institute of Technology, and St. John Fisher College, adjunct photo faculty.

Julie: St. John Fisher College, adjunct photo faculty.